Welcome home ... Again!

Bishop Johnson I started this online presence during the seven years when I was living, working, and ministering abroad, in the Peoples Republic of China. I returned to the United States in September 2012. Since that time the Lord has kept me busy; but I haven't gotten around to updating the GlobalDestiny website. After much consideration I came to the conclusion that I don't need to get rid of everything — there's some very important information on the pages that are already in place — all I really need to do is create a mechanism whereby I can keep you up to date on what God is doing in my life, right now. So this will be our beautiful new interface. The navigation links from here will take you to all the original portals; but will add new things as they develop, as well. I hope you will enjoy what God has allowed me to do!

A pretty new face ...

Anyone who has ever built a web page knows that doing so requires an investment of a lot of time. When it came time to update this website I had to ask myself if I wanted to scrap the old pages and start all over; or if there were parts that were still useful. The truth is I believe all of the content on this site still has value; so I have left the old site pretty much intact cleaning up some trouble spots, along the way and wrapping it inside an attractive new outer shell with a new gateway that introducs all of my newly-published books.

Pastors, I want to share some good news with you! While Ford Motor Company invested thousands of dollars in me to teach me web development, I am pleased to announce that you can create a beautiful site like this with just a little basic knowledge, thanks to folks like my designer Dieter Schneider of dreamLogic; and many other free design sites like Open Source Web Design. As you navigate around our new web pages picture what you want your church's or ministry's presence to look like; then stop by and visit "Open Source" to find a design that suits your needs. No reason for the shameless plug, except to see my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ upgrade the look you present to the world. If satan's kingdom can put on an attractive face, why not God's Kingdom?