Dearest Martin and Mayaka:
Apostolic Blessings, in the Name of our Christ!

A few days ago the Lord put both of you in my spirit. I was troubled about the fact that I don't have finances to offer you; or to come to see about you, in person. If it were possible I would give you the same sort of father-mentoring that I received from my own Father-in-Ministry, Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, Sr., who trained me step-by-step over the course of almost six years; but time and distance prevent me from being able to give you that sort of attention – or even from just stopping by to share in the fallowship with you.

I remembered something that happened with my own natural son, when I was away from home, living and working in the Peopoles Republic of China. Michael called me and said he needed to move to a new apartment and wondered if I knew someone who could help him get some second-hand furniture. Before I left America I had put my belongings in a storage facility, and asked a friend of mine to look out for them. I wired some money to my friend and told them to go and purchase a bed and dinette for Michael, and then to take him to my storage and let him pick out any other items he needed for his home. I couldn't be there to help Michael, myself, but I was able to give him help out of the abundance of what I had. That's when the idea occurred to me that although I cannot travel to where you are, there is one valuable resource that I can offer you.

When I asked you, Martin, if you have a website for your ministry you said “No,” and explained to me that it is expensive to have one. I couldn't afford to give you independent websites, but I can give you each a page on my own website at GlobalDestiny International Ministries (http://globaldestiny.org/) Your page will function just like a full website, in that you have a homepage, and a “Ministry Photos” sub-page. I can add other sub-pages as needed, to make your page flourish.

In addition, there are some EXCELLENT ministry and teaching resources on the GlobalDestiny homepage. Please take a few moments to browse around the GlobalDestiny website (click the blue links). Start by reading the brief message on the main page, then click on the “Original Homepage” button, at the top of that page. There are buttons at the top of that page that will take you to different resources, and other personal experiences I have had in Ministry over the past ten years. Many of the written headers on each page are also links to information that will help you to know me better – and even help you to improve your own ministry. Some of the pages you will find include:

Now, you are sons of GlobalDestiny International Ministries, and ambassadors for the African continent, and Kenya in particular. I have tried to let your own words speak for themselves; and will continue to do so as we build upon what has been created in your behalf. I welcome more ideas and photos, from you; and I will continue to seek counsel from the Lord about how I might impart into you. My goal for you is not that you will be a good pastor, nor a great pastor, nor even an extraordinary pastor. My goal for you is that I will be able to help yu to become legendary pastors, so that generations from now men will remember the works you started in Bumposa and Nakuru, and rejoice to say, “We are who we are today, in Christ, through the ministry gifts of Martin Barasa and Myaka Thomas!”

In His matchless Name
Keep the Faith
(+Raymond Allan JOHNSON)

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