Welcome to my quiet place ...

This place will always be a "work in progress."

Every pastor thrives on having good resources to do research for Ministry. For me, my Study is the place where I feel closest to God.

It is where I go to meditate on His Word.

It is where I go when I need to hear from Him.

And it is the place where you will fiind my most precious treasures: my books, my Bibles, my magazines, and a host of CDs containing an assortment of Gospel music, encyclopedias, and entire libraries of classical Christian research.

Now, I have discovered a whole new world of resources, freely provided by dedicated Christians, on the World Wide Web.

The pages that follow are my personal bookmarks.

They are not in order -- per se. I just cut them from my browser, where they are stored in the order in which I found them.

4/1/2012: These pages are ten years old. Some of the links are either expired or obsolete. Bear with me, as I clean them up and add fresh information. I promise not to take too long!