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This is an Awesome time to be alive!!!

The Internet is one of God's most wonderful gifts to the modern world. Because of it we have access to an amazing array of resources. And because of it we are able to have the equivalent of a solid library available at the touch of our fingers.

I have created these pages to share a few of my personal favorite informational web sites: I am sure you will have some that will become your favorite, too! The links on the next two pages will take you to places where you can download multiple Bible versions, Commentaries, and books by popular Christian scholars.

It would cost thousands to purchase all of the literature that is here -- but thankfully committed Christians have worked tirelessly to make them freely available online.

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This list is FAR from exhaustive - and I will continue to add to it as I come across new places. But I wanted to create a starting point, and hopefully whet your apetite for more. Some of the links contain a multitude of other links that will take you to even greater places on the Net where you can get your study on!


If there is one tool that I could say has really blessed me, it would be the Sword Project. This website offers a free downloadable tool into which you can download complete Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Lexicons, and Greek- and Hebrew - language Bible texts (LXX, Brown, Driver, & Briggs, Textus Receptus, etc.) Did I mention it's FREE?

Sword Project:
Free downloads of Bibles, Commentaries, Interlinears, Lexicons, and Dictionaries
Works by John Bunyan, E. W. Bullinger, Alfred Edersheim, Louis Ginsberg, Alexander Hislop, John Lightfoot, W. M. Ramsay, and may others
The Evidence Bible
Living Waters
Ray Comfort