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What we've been up to!

We have continued to publish, since we last updated this page, in 2016. In fact, our library has doubled in size, since then. This page provides the links that will carry you to the pages for the new titles in the GlobalDestiny Imprint Library.

Books released in 2017 and 2018

First of all, we are beyond grateful to God, for allowing us to achieve our objective for 2016, for it to be another "Year of Impartation;" and for giving us a chance to give back for all that God has deposited in our spirit, throughout now 44 years of ministry. It is still, truly, an exciting time — no, an AMAZING time to be alive; and I am beyond words to describe how excited I am to have had you along for the journey!

We are grateful to God to have reached the milestone of nearly a MILLION (840,000) words in print, by the end of 2018. While, of course, the emphasis of the Imprint continues to be spiritual, we have tried to write for a larger Christian audience.

The Guide for Giant Slayers, for example, is the third of four books in The Encouragement Series. The fourth will, hopefully, be finished and published, later this year.

The two books in the Structure, Protocol, and Events Planning Series were written to help presiding bishops, overseers, and pastors in new fellowships and reformations with challenges related to structure, and to protocol.

The entire Song Project was released in 2018, as well. These are our only titles that don't touch on a spiritual theme. The three books in this series recollect experiences and observations from my seven years, living in the Peoples Republic of China. In 2016, we were anticipating releasing "Mr. Song's Dinner Table: Or What You Don't Know About Chinese Food;" but we didn't actually get it out until Christmas 2018, at the same time as we released the other two "Mr. Song's Bicycle" titles

For those who don't know, I was raised a Jehovah's witness. I left that religion when I was twenty-three years old, and became a Christian, later that year. About twenty years ago I became part of the "XJW Movement;" an online network of former Jehovah's witnesses. I have been an active part of that movement, since then; but in 2011 I decided that it was time to change my involvement, from a a group moderator to just a participant. I wrote a letter to an online XJW group I ran, called "Confessions of an Ex-XJW." In 2018, I published a book, with the same title.

I wrote, 537: Jewish Structures and Institutions from the Exile to the Time of Christ to talk about something that troubled me, from my early years in ministry. When the New Testament blinks awake, we find Jesus constantly dealing with a group of Jewish religious leaders - Herods, Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and others, whom the Old Testament makes no reference.

Who were these people? Where did they come from? Where did their authority come from? How were they different from each other? How were they the same? "537" goes back over five centuries, to tell the story that strives to answer these questions.

and then, in 2017, I was invited to teach and preach at a conference of bishops and apostles, in Georgia. The host asked me to come back in 2018, to teach, this group again. When I asked him what he wanted me to focus on, he referred back to a section of my book, A Compendium of the Episcopacy that dealt with Black church history, and asked me to teach on that. I wrote We Hung Our Harps: The Church and the Negro, to use, for that assignment.

Lastly, I found myself reminiscing, a few months ago, about the early days after leaving the Watchtower and coming to the church. I believe it was probably while I was working on Confessions. I thought about the deacon who taught our New Members Class, at the Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, in Jacksonville, Florida; and the question he asked us, at the beginning of the class. I wrote Why I Am A Baptist to share my answer to his question.

Please honor me by taking a few mminutes, now, to visit the Intro Pages for each of these titles; visit the blogs, and download a copy of the 2016 GlobalDestiny Imprint Catalog. And, if you have the time, drop me a line , or shout out on Facebook, and let me know what you think.

In His matchless Name

Keep the Faith

Praise Report!

So far this year, we have published Jehovah's witnesses Versus the Biblical Jesus, and Keeping the Faith. Keeping the Faith wasn't even on my mind. I was finishing up the last chapter of Jehovah's witnesses Versus the Biblical Jesus, and God interrupted me with it. Through it all I have been grateful for all that God has given me, over these forty-plus years in ministry; and for Him positioning me to be able to finally give back, by way of impartation.