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I created this page to give me an alternative place to share my thoughts. My primary blog — also called, "Ruminations" — is located on another site, where I've posted since 2007.

One distinction about this page is that I hope to use it for both secular and spiritual things. God has gifted me in many skill sets — and has given me the privilege to learn from people across a diverse range of life experience; so I wanted to create a space where I could share some of what I've learned.


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Jehovah's witnesses Versus the Biblical Jesus.

Jehovah's witnesses Versus the Biblical Jesus is the fourth book in the "Leaving the Watchtower" series, written by Bishop Johnson. In this book we explore what the Church has believed about Jesus Christ, since its inception -- and in contrast with what Jehovah's witnesses teach about Him. By the grace of God, some of the issues about the deity of Christ have been settled by our ancient Church Fathers; and explored in depth by great Christian leaders and teachers, ever since. We re-open this conversation, though settled, for the sake of the thousands who are presently coming to terms with the Watchtower Society's beliefs; and are seeking to understand what the Bible really says about Jesus Christ.

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A look inside ...

Let me begin by saying that throughout the entire body of this discussion you will hear me emphasize the fact that much of what we believe about God - whether we are "Trinitarians" or not - does not always reconcile with human logic and/or reason. Christianity is not - after all - a "logical" religion: it is a faith-based religion. Furthermore, this discussion will tend to have little meaning for the person who denies that the Bible is the absolute, inerrant and infallible Word of God. If, then, you happen to be one of those individuals who doubts the validity, inspiration, and truthfulness of the Bible, these words will probably be little more than meaningless lines on paper, to you.

So as I am writing this, I am writing with the assumption that the most of you are reading this because you have at least a basic belief in God and, as stated above, the Word of God. I am aware that some of you may have difficulties with the accuracy of certain translations, or versions of the Bible, but that is not the issue, here. Most of the arguments that will be presented will be supportable, regardless to the translation you use - the possible exception being the New World Translation, except where agreement is stipulated.

Naturally, the reason I place so much importance on your view regarding the validity and centrality of the Bible is very simple: this is a biblical discussion. All that we know - or can know - about the nature and character of God, all that we know about the nature and character of Christ, and all that we know about the nature and character of the Holy Spirit, we derive from the Bible. As we proceed I will often present statements by other Christians - including the so-called "Church Fathers" - but at the end of the day, all that they know or knew about The Father, the Son and/or the Holy Spirit they derived either from the Bible or from the reports given them by the men who walked with Christ, and were responsible for a portion of what is in the Bible. And in no instance will the latter reports ever disagree with or contradict what is in the Bible. In fact, I am fascinated by the sheer volume of Scripture undergirding these writings - so that even when the men who sat at the feet of the Twelve reported the things they said, they did so primarily by quoting the Scriptures these men wrote.

So when all the arguments of theologians, historians, teachers, and writers such as myself, have been considered, one truth will remain, that there is only one final authority in the nature and character of God the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit, and that is God's Word. And just as I would not consult a cookbook for advice about auto mechanics, there is no other book that can give us the revealed truth about God, than the "Book" which was written to reveal Him in the first place.

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