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Bishop Raymond Allan Johnson is the Chairman of the Apostolic Council for Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International — an interdenominational fellowship of more than 200 U.S., and just as many international churches; headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. He is the founder and Senior Servant of GlobalDestiny International Ministries, in Detroit, Michigan; and formerly also in Nanchang, Peoples Republic of China.

Bishop Johnson was consecrated to the office of Bishop on August 4, 2006. His election to the office had come the year before, during the celebration of his thirtieth year in minisry. By the time Presiding Bishop Thomas G. Mitchell approached him to talk to him about his elevation, Bishop Johnson had met and learned from some of the greatest minds in Kingdom ministry; served as an Apostolic Adjutant to two different prominent bishops; mastered his craft — particularly in the areas of Apologetics, Doctrine, Administration, Ecclesiology, and Church Protocol; had writteen Bishop Mitchell's Manual of Protocol; created and been the dean of Detroit Ministers Institute.

In 2004 Bishop Johnson planted Destiny Fellowship, a small church that started in a park on the shores of Lake Erie, in Lorain, Ohio. Bishop Johnson's most recent book, From Kingdom Hall to Kingdom Call gave him a chance to stop and look back at the unlikely circumstances that brought him to where he is today, in ministry: "Look where He brought me from!"


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  • Second Best (But Not Second Rate) ...

    ... Now availale on Amazon and Kindle


    "And the Lord said to Moses, Gather me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom thou knowest to be elders of the people, and officers over them, and bring them to the tabernacle of the congregation, that they may stand there with thee. And I will come down and talk with thee there: and I will take of the spirit which is upon thee and will put in upon them; and they shall bear the burden of the people with thee, that thou bear in not thyself alone."


    In 1995 I taught a class for elders, as part of the faculty the School of Ministry of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship; under the direction of Bishop Kenneth Ulmer of Faithful Central Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California, who was then the Bishop of Christian Education for the Fellowship.


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    Many of my ministry friends who read the book insisted that it had a message that was needful for pastors and elders, throughout the whole body of Christ. In writing Second Best (But Not Second Rate): Biblical Eldership and How To Be The Best Assistant In Ministry I have sought to impart some valuable precepts to the leaders of the 21st century church; particularly pastors and elders; territorial overseers; auxiliary leaders; bishops; apostles; and prophets.

    This book is primarily targeted to elders, lay ministers, ministerial servants such as church deacons, and men and women just entering the pastoral ranks. It is an ideal "Christian Education" resource that Senior Pastors can use in a classoom setting, to help their ministry staff excel at what they do; and at the same time avoid some of the pitfalls that ensnare young preachers — most importantly the snare of reselessness.

    We live in a time where the trend is to want to achieve greatness quickly. As I say in the book, "We're always looking for a new project to do before we’re sure the old one is finished. I believe the reason for this great restlessness is that we don’t have a sense of Destiny about where God has placed us. If we could only understand that there are no accidents with God, then maybe we could grasp this concept:

    Just as we were predestined from before the foundation of the world to be who we are (in ministry); then it follows that it must have been God's plan for us to be where we are!

    There is a purpose for your being in ministry at the particular church where you're in ministry, at this particular time; and that purpose can be thwarted by your attempts to force your destiny to conform to your flawed timetable. Take advantage of all your Senior Pastor is willing to share with you, and be diligent in whatever role you have been assigned to, and I assure you, you'll find that the restless will have a way of subsiding, because you will have time to sit still and see how God has fit little ol' you into into a bigger picture.

    What others are saying ...

    Bishop Johnson, your book is outstanding. God Bless you. — Jeff Carr, Sr. North Carolina

    Bishop Johnson I purchased your book today and I have almost completed it. Once I began to read it I couldn't put it down. It indeed is a book in season. Preachers young and old will be tremendously blessed by this reading. You have done a great service to the Body of Christ. I encourage all to purchase the book. Thank You!! — Apostle LaMorris Richardson Meridian, MS

    I bought the print and Kindle editions .. Proud of you — Overseer Kelvin Lake, Memphis, TN

    A Glimpse Inside

    There was a time when young men and women coming into ministry had an awareness of the seriousness of this work we have been called into. Men and women who believed they were called to ministry understood that there would be a period of matriculation through an apprenticeship in ministry. The senior men and women of God who would ultimately sanction them emphasized to them that there was a great deal of stuff you needed, outside of just preaching, if you were going to hope to succeed as a pastor.

    I look at the alarming statistics concerning preachers who are "throwing in the towel," and while the numbers are alarming the fact is I attribute at least some of the attrition to the fact that too many started out without the proper preparation; and so they were doomed to failure from the start.

    Jesus' disciples followed Him almost step-for-step, for a period of three years, before He allowed them to begin building the church. And even after that three year period of preparation, the evangelists we meet in Acts still were accountable to the apostles and elders who sent them into their ministry assignments; with documents verifying their validity. And if we take a serious look at the Epistles, we come away with the realization that the recipients of these letters maintained an accountability to their apostolic covering, even after they had been placed in their pastoral assignments. Why then wouldn't a preacher starting out today need to follow someone for a similar period of training and accountability? IJS!

    Pastors and Elders, Apostles and Prophets, Pastors and Teachers .. This book will BLESS YOU!!!