This is the homepage of the GlobalDestiny Imprint, the online warehouse catalog for all of my books, papers, articles, and other intellectual properties. This page makes them easy for you to find; and easy for me to promote.

About the Author

Over the years God has birthed FIFTEEN books in me. Many of them have sat dormant, waiting for **ME!!** In the fall of 2013 God sent a prophetic word that he is releasing me to finish six of them for publication, over the course of this spring.

Last month the second book was published, telling the story of my transition from my youth as a Jehovah's witness to my nearly-forty-year journey into my Anointing and Calling. Some of you need the encourageement to know that God's path to your destiny may not always be the obvious path; but don't resist the tailwind it's taking you somewhere!

TO ANYONE PURSUING A DREAM: I started this second book on paper in ***1990*** and still had to fix some typos, before it could go to print. The first book to get published was an enhancement of a class I taught, way back in 1995. The proverbial moral of the story is this: just because it seems that your dream is a long way off, don't give up. The Israelites had to wait on God's promise of their homeland for 430 years; but that was right on time! Your destiny will come because God PROMISED it to you, so don't you dare give up

The VISION for 2016

We were blessed to publish five of the titles on the laft side of this page, in 2014, and two in 2015. With God's help, we hope to publish an additional four books, this year.

Our objective for 2016 is that it will be another "Year of Impartation." Now is our chance to give back for all that God has deposited in our spirit, throughout the past four-plus decades of ministry. It is an exciting time — no, an AMAZING time to be alive; and I am beyond words to describe how excited I am to have you along for the journey!

Please honor me by taking a few mminutes, now, to visit the Intro Pages for each of these titles; visit the blogs, and download a copy of the 2016 GlobalDestiny Imprint Catalog. And, if you have the time, drop me a line , or shout out on Facebook, and let me know what you think. [For the 2019 update, see Page Two.]

In His matchless Name

Keep the Faith

Praise Report!

So far this year, we have published Jehovah's witnesses Versus the Biblical Jesus, and Keeping the Faith. Keeping the Faith wasn't even on my mind. I was finishing up the last chapter of Jehovah's witnesses Versus the Biblical Jesus, and God interrupted me with it. Through it all I have been grateful for all that God has given me, over these forty-plus years in ministry; and for Him positioning me to be able to finally give back, by way of impartation.