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I created this page to give me an alternative place to share my thoughts. My primary blog — also called, "Ruminations" — is located on another site, where I've posted since 2007.

One distinction about this page is that I hope to use it for both secular and spiritual things. God has gifted me in many skill sets — and has given me the privilege to learn from people across a diverse range of life experience; so I wanted to create a space where I could share some of what I've learned.


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The Sojourners' Story: Conquering Your Jericho

I published The Sojourners' Story - Conquering Your Jericho in 2015. It is a compilation of sermons I have preached, over the years centered around the fulfillment of a promise that God made to Abraham to give his seed a land that would be theirs for an inheritance; and the struggles God's people endured, in travelling through the desert, on their way to the Promised Land. I am beginning to write the second book, Broken to Bread, which began in China with a sermon series, called "Jesus Sandwich". It will also be a compilation of sermons I have preached, over the years; and other encouraging homilies.

The Sojourners' Story begins when an obscure Bedouin shepherd left his tent with his son and a pile of wood, and climbed up the hill of destiny: an inauspicious place that carved out of time a shift in your destiny, and my destiny, and the destiny of every man, woman, boy, and girl; in every generation that followed. It begins with the promises and covenants God makes to that shepherd and his descendants to anoint them as the bloodline through whom the Savior of the world would come; and to give his seed a homeland that would prevail and persist as theirs through all subsequent generations, even down to this present day, its promises, and God's faithfulness to them, foreshadow everything that we hope for in the promises that He has made to us; and connects our sojourn through this world with that of God's people in every generation.

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A look inside ...

God did not promise Abraham wealth. Abraham was, after all, already a massively successful, and from all appearances wealthy man: owner of a large flock, more than three-hundred employees, of a level of prominence that afforded him the privilege of dining with kings; and a beautiful wife - so beautiful that even in her mid-sixties she captured the attention of the king.

But most of what God promised Abraham, he would never see in his own lifetime. Isaac was sixty years old when Jacob an Esau were born, so Abraham never even got to see his grandchildren.

I mention this because I don't want you to get caught up in the trap of waiting on just one kind of blessing, at the risk of looking past the vastness and fullness of how God can bless you. With all that encompasses His sheer "is-ness" you should know that there are blessings that accrue to this life, and then there are even richer blessings that continue on long after you are gone.

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