Bishop Raymond Allan Johnson

If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent Van Gogh


In October, after the end of his assignment with Ford Motor Company at the Lorain, Ohio Assembly Plant, Bishop Johnson accepted one of the biggest challenges of his life. He accepted an assignment as a contractor to - Jiangling Motors Corp., Ltd. (JMC) - a Ford Motor Company Joint Venture in Nanchang, in the Peoples Republic of China; at the time not fully discerning why the Lord would send him on such a peculiar journey.

During a Christmas vacation in the U. S., Bishop-elect Johnson met Peter Leon and his wife, Patricia. Peter had previously also worked at Jiangling, and done Ministry at his home in Nanchang. After Peter made arrangements for him to meet Pastors Immanuel and Sara Z. of Nanchang, on his return. At the beginning of 2006, Bishop Johnson and Pastor Immanuel established the Ministry that would become NanchangDestiny.


From eleven people at the first meeting in February 2006 Destiny quickly grew to a membership of more than fifty members.

In March, we had our first baptisms, in the bathtub in [then] Bishop-elect Johnson's apartment; (See photos here) and anointed eleven young Christians who were about to embark on a one-year missionary journey to France. We also established Nanchang Ministers' Institute for the training of men and women for Ministry throughout all of China; anointing twenty future NMI students, on May 6: the Inaugural Day of the Institute.

The two pastors agreed upon the vision for Destiny - "To Turn China Upside Down For Jesus Christ!" These two Ministries would join many other Nanchang house churches to go forward with the two brothers' vision. In October 2006 the pastors found a building in the heart of Nanchang, and dedicated it as "The Great Commission Center."

Unfortunately the Enemy was busy, and in late 2007 local PSB officials began to watch the ongoing gatherings, and in late 2007 came into a meeting of the Chinese brethren, and forced them to stop meeting.

It was a blessing that there were no "foreign friends" present; but one brother came under special scrutiny, and reluctantly left Nanchang. Many of the younger Saints have also scattered, out of natural fear - and perhaps some owing to family pressures. The Chinese brethren who have remained still meet in strategic locations - and there is a thriving foreign fellowship in another part of Nanchang - but currently Bishop Johnson is looking for new "friends" to help us start anew бн and listening for the Voice of God for His next great move. In the meantime he is a constant voice to the world outside China for the things that the Body of Christ must endure, here behind the Wall.

Since the police intervened at the Great Commission Center, through the Rhoda's House" Ministry, his Blog, and primary Facebook page, Bishop Johnson continues as a fortress - a "voice in the wilderness" for persecuted Christians in China and all of Asia.

So the story continues... Continued ...