Bishop Raymond Allan Johnson

If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent Van Gogh


Bishop-elect Johnson was duly consecrated into the office of bishop on August 4, 2006, at Open Arms Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio. ( Consecration pictures can be seen here) This was a time of celebration, although it was not possible to minister publicly in China, as a bishop. Thankfully, the work of the undeground churches in Nanchang continued, under Pastor Immanuel's guidance.

In 1999 Bishop Johnson observed that, "This is an AMAZING time to be alive!" And this is certainly true in China, where - despite what many may believe - there is an awesome burning hunger for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the beginning of 2006, when NanchangDestiny was established, through the next six years living in China, Bishop Johnson has continued to use social media and this website to keep the Saints in China — especially the more than 100 million Saints who belong to the underground "House Church" movement, but also the 20 to 30 million other Christians in the churches of China's Three Self Patriotic Movement — in front of the whole body of Christ.

"I admit that before I came to China I read several books about ministry in areas of great persecution — for example, the famous "60/40 window," — but like most of us who have read anything about this part of the world, I thought of it as a "problem" that could be solved by sending an offering to some otherwise relatively-anonymous organization.

"Being here has sensitized me to how pervasive my way of thinking really is, throughout the Body of Christ, at large. I have vowed to make the persecuted brethren in the Body of Christ the centerpiece of my personal Ministry, for as long as have a voice to speak. I am believing God that I will not be alone.

"One ministry goal is to publish our book called "The Challenge of Christianity in China," which will present the church in the west an honest look at the difficulties in which most Chinese Christians practice their faith. I hope to finish this book by the fall of 2014.

I have also been blessed by a video series entitled "The Cross—Jesus in China." This series tells the story of the courageous Christians in China who have stood strong in their faith in the midst of the opposition and persecution that they've endured since the rise of the Peoples Republic of China? I have wept deeply, every time I have watched the testimonies of so many Christians who have suffered for the Gospel — especially those who stood strong during the first years of the Maoist New China, and the Cultural Revolution.

"I would like to share the entire series with you; and also to tell you about the persistent but underhanded persecution that still prevails all across China, today. To that end we have maintained our " Ministry in Asia" page, on this website. Plase take a moment to visit the places that have links on this page and the " Church in China" page, elsewhere on this website." Bishop R. A. Johnson Wait ... there's more Continued ...!