Bishop Raymond Allan Johnson

If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent Van Gogh

Coming home

My stay in China ended in September 2012. The resources that had made it possible for me to stay for almost six years, after my contract with Jiangling ended, had been exhausted; and the Lord had assured me I could still keep the brothers in China before the church without needing to be physically present in Asia. There was also an assignment for me, back at home in the States.

As I was gearing up for my return to the U. S. I wasn't totally settled on what I would do about fellowship, when I got back — although in fact, I'd hoped to only be in the States for two or three months, and then return to China. I had pretty much decided that I would re-connect with the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, but another old friend caught up to me, first.

I'd met (Bishop) Derrick D. Robinson when he was a young man, at Charity Full Gospel Baptist Church, his home church in Crawford, Mississippi. He reached out to me on Facebook, while I was still in China; and immediately after I got back to the States, and asked me to come and work with his fellowship, Kingdom Destiny Fellowship International (KDFI), an interdenominational fellowship of about 200 U.S churches, and about the same number of churches in Africa and Asia.

I came on board as the Adjutant General for the Fellowship, and since then have taken on additioal responsibilities. Today am the Chairman of the KDFI Apostolic Council. In the time I have been here I have been privileged to witness phenomenal growth, in the Fellowship.

On a more personal lvel, I am thankful that I am finally making progress on some of the writing projects that have sat on my desk waiting for completion. What would an "Intro" page be without a shameless plug? If you haven't already been to the homepage for each of the books, I invite you to do so now. Meantime I appreciate you taking the time to read these introductory pages.

And now, the story continues... again!