What I'm up to ... Now!

Second Best Book Cover I am THRILLED about my new assignment in Kingdom Destiny Fellowship Intrnational (KDFI)! Thanks be to God that I came along just as the Fellowship was about to enter its season of growth  —  especially in places like North and South Carolina, and lately all across the Midwestern part of the United States and on the African continent. We are not in every state, yet; but we have an imprint in 34 states, so I consider that a great start.

I am also thankful that God has released me to publish at least SIX of the more than fifteen books He has birthed in me, over the yeare. The book pictured here was the first. Ironically, it is not the book that Trafford Publishing contacted me about, back in December; that one will be pulished this Fall inder a new Random House  — Penguin Books imprint called Partridge Singapore. Second Best is curently on the Amazon CreateSpace Independent Platform. Nevertheless we are just as excited about it. Please visit the "Bishop's Books" links on the left side, to see the Intros for all six titles.

Ministry of the pulse of the Millennium

Fifteen years ago the world was in a state of panic over what would happen to our computers when "Y2K" rolled in. Still God showed me and I stated out loud that "This is an AMAZING time to be alive!" Technology has advanced exponentially, over just these past fifteen years; but still I believe the Church must be as aggressive as kingdom of satan in exploiting every available resource to turn the eyes of men toward Jesus. It is our task to "snatch them out of the fire;" by any means necessary. But if we are to succeed we must continue to be forward-thinking and contemporary.

In short:

The Church cannot expect to be effective in the 21st Century, using 19th Century Ministry strategies.

                     — From "On the Pulse of the Millennium"

Doing ministry on a global scale has meant that I could reach out to the world with the message of the Gospel from my desk at my office in Dearborn, Michigan; and equally as well from my desk in Lorain, Ohio. Doing ministry on a global scale also meant that I could reach out from my desk that sat behind the oppressive Great Wall of China, and take the message of the "Persecuted Church" to people here in the West, and also on every continent. Doing ministry on a global scale means that no matter where I am now that I am back at home and travelling around America I can still be a link between our brothers here and our brothers in Africa and Asia.

I have not stopped being amazed at how God continues daily to make it easy for the global church to stand up against the kingdom of satan; and I am thankful that He has allowed me the privilege to impart  —  to deposit back into His Kingdom just a little of what He has deposited into me