Great Commission Center

The work begins

Great Commission Center

We rented a meeting hall in October 2006, and worshipped there until the police came to shut it down, early in 2007. Fortunately, neither I nor John were there. In some places the police are a little more lenient with the Chinse Saints, and detention lasts only a few hours. Foreigners, however are often deported.

The work begins The work begins
Sister Sara: She married Pastor Immanuel in 2008. They have 2 daughters.

The Work Begins

I found it remarkable that Pastor Immanuel was able to find some workmen who in less than a week transformed our space from what you see in these 4 photos, into the useable space you see in all the other photos.

The work begins The work begins
Sample Photo

Brother John

Brother John's wife Pat helped me to secure a teaching psition at Nanchang University. Unfortunately, for reasons not clear to me, he and Pat were forced to flee to another province.

Sample Photo Sample Photo
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