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Three Amigos


I was in the U.S. for most of July, and the early part of August 2006. On August 4, 2006 I ws Consecrated to the office of Bishop, by United Kingdom Builders International Ministries. I've included here a few shots of me on that evening — wearing the vestments I could not wear publicly, here in China.

Investiture NMI Class at the GCC
Sample Photo

The Inside

Within a few days of securing the lease, Pastor Immanuel had found someone to donate chairs, and someone to decorate the Great Hall and clean up the other roms. One week after we looked at this space we had our first meeting.

Great Hall Classroom
Order of Service

The outside

When we were loking at this meeting hall I asked Pastor Immanuel about the police. He said "They won't bother us Nobody wants to climb up to the seventh floor!" The GCC was on the right side of the building, where you see the arched windows. The letters above the windows were not ours.
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Exterior Exterior 2
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