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Up from the horse and buggy mentality

I believe the Church must be as aggressive as kingdom of satan in exploiting every available resource to turn the eyes of men toward Jesus. It is our task to "snatch them out of the fire;" by any means necessary - but if we are to succeed we must continue to be forward-thinking and contemporary. In short:

The Church cannot expect to be effective in the 21st Century, using 19th Century Ministry strategies.

We must understand that being "contemporary" does NOT mean we are not spiritual. Jesus, Himself, faced controversy from His opponents - not so much because of His theology, but - because He dared to Minister to the people on their level. It might even be argued that He was a "Modernist" - possibly even a "radical." But He preached the Gospel by whatever means necessary.

Now, we have the opportunity to cross the threshold of the Millennium - equipped with unprecedented resources for reaching the Least, the Last and particularly the Lost with the marvelous message of the Gospel. Elder Raymond Allan Johnson Evangelistic Ministries ("ERAJEMI") is just one of those resources.

The Challenge in 2012

In 1998 I had a conversation with a colleague of mine in ministry, and during that conversation he stated emphatically that he saw no point in "all these technical gadgets." I think that's what led me to reflect on its real importance and ultimately to the conclusion that we truly are living in amazing times. A few days before I wrote this page I had a slightly different conversation with one of my students: i realized that since "Y2K" technology has advanced so quickly that I sometimes find it hard to keep up. It occurs to me, at the same time, that if we don't keep up we leave the next generation at risk of being overwhelmed by the machinations of the very techno-savvy kingdom of satan.

There are global issues that also need our attention — hence a shift in the focus of this Ministry. I hope that you will never hesitate to seek out help — not for someone to manipulate the new technologies for you; but to be able to get a knowledge of the fundamental concepts, for yourself.

I make no pretense at being an expert in all things, but be assured that if you are a pastor or Ministry worker who needs to find a technology solution to expand your ministry, I stand ready to help you find the right solution. Feel free to send me an email, if you ever need technical advice.