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Strategic Prayer Warfare

The most powerful and effectual prayers are not the ones we pray for ourselves; but rather those that we pray when we are entreating God for someone else. This truth shook me to he core, during the weeks that followed 9/11. I found myself "face down" before God's Throne, praying for the people touched by that tragedy; likewise in December 2004, when I prayed for the families of the more than 300,000 people killed in the tsunamis in Indonesia; and yet again in 2008, after the horrible Sichuan earthquake.

When I began praying for The Upper Room, I asked God to allow it to be a Ministry where Intercessors would commit to a specific Strategic Assignment for example, the Intercessor would commit to pray every day for a specific country, or world leader; to watch a specific news program, or read the newspaper, and pray for anyone and everyone in the news stories who might need praying for. Further, Intercessors would volunteer for "shifts", around the clock; meaning that when fully launched there would be Intercessors praying 24 hours a day.

That was the vision.

Paradigm shift

Sara Praying

When I arrived in China there was a slight "paradigm shift" - especially after Facebook came on line. With Facebook I became "friends" with Saints from all parts of the world, in all time zones. This meant I would e able to ask people in almost every time zone to join the band of Intercessors I had prayed for.

One evening a sermon I'd heard about ten years before, about Acts 12:5-14, embedded itself in my spirit. I remember thinking about the miraculous nature of the angel being sent to respond to the intercessory prayers that went up from [what was actually] Peter's mother-in-law's house. And I remember the story my mentor, Bennie Maultsby, told me about a prayer meeting at Bethel, where the Saints got together at night and prayed for his healing. And I remembered Sister Sara's and Brother Immanuel's faces praying before God at the Great Commission Center ... that was when The Upper Room got the name "Rhoda's House."

I want to infect Cyberspace with "Strategic Prayer Warfare." To begin, through our Facebook page: The Anointed Ministry of Bishop Raymond Allan Johnson, I hope to engage Saints from every corner of the globe, who are willing to choose a strategic target to pray for — on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis: it's up to you. All I ask is that you be diligent and consistent in praying for the target you choose, and share your praise reports with us from time to time.

NO NEED TO WAIT FOR ANY SPECIAL SIGNAL ... your commission begins NOW. see you in the trenches!!!