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HOW WE BAPTIZE, IN CHINA Visit our "Ministry Photos page" to see how a hungry church grows. ALSO: please pray for and encourage our primary strategic Ministry Partner, in China, China International Mission Ministry; and Pastors Immanuel (pictured here) and Sara Zhou.
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In 1998 I created Elder Raymond Allan Johnson Evangelistic Ministries, Inc., (ERAJEMI) as a resource to the Church, to help pastors and ministry workers learn how to use new technologies to do ministry on a global scale. God showed me some things, back then, that have proven to be prophetic — so much so that He is leading me to say them again, Take a minute to visit this page, to see what He said.
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Fall 2013
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Welcome Home!

I am honored to have you visit today, and hope that the gifts of God that are shared here will be a blessing to you. I am Bishop Raymond Allan Johnson, and I currently reside in the city of Nanchang, in the Peoples Republic of China.

That's right, China!

I've been here almost seven years, now; and I'm still grappling with the language; but never mind that. You've come a long way. Sit down, I'll make you some tea; and then make yourself at home: slippers are by the door!

About living in China

In the U.S., I was a "bi-vocational" minister — meaning I worked full-time on a regular job, and pastored part-time. When the recession began to affect the auto industry, God opened a marvellous door of opportunity for me, here in China. I came here with a plan to return to the States, after one year; butas circumstances worsened for my company, back home, China offered a little more stability.

A few months after I arrived, something amazing and unexpected happened. I was introduced to a Ford manager who had just rotated out of Jiangling Motors — the Ford Motor Company joint venture who brought me to China. He in turn introduced me to a young "house church" pastor, named Immanuel. We started a fellowship in my home, with 11 people, that quickly grew to as many as 50 people. By the time my contract ended with Jiangling I'd decided to stay in China, indefinitely.

There was another American brother, named "Brother John," whose wife introduced me to a person in the Foreign Affairs Office of Nanchang University; and I was hired to teach English. I remained at Nanchang University until December 2011 — about five years, in all.

An AMAZING time to be alive!

Ford Motor Company trained me as a web developer, toward the end of the 1990s, when eCommerce was just beginning as an idea, and businesses were fretting about "Y2K." Since that time I have thoroughly enjoyed creating web content. I enjoy it because it's a soothing pasttime, but — more importantly — i enjoy it because after almost 40 years in the Ministry, I still have lots to say

About fourteen years ago I was sitting at my desk in Dearborn, thinking about the marvellous achievements in technology that had taken place up to that point in my life — that thanks to the internet a vagabond from the West Side of Detroit could sit at his desk and do ministry anywhere in the world — and I thought to myself, "This is an AMAZING time to be alive!"

And now that same vagabond is sitting at his desk again, halfway around the world, reaching back to do ministry ... and God has deposited so much in me, that I still have lots to say. Today the scope of my Ministry has expanded significantly; but evangelism is still at the heart of it.

I pray that God will permit me to continue to have a vision for His people, to b able to be a viable source of "meat in due season," for many decades to come; and I pray that in you my network of Ministry partners will continue to expand.

So ... where to, next?

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When you click on one of the tabs at the top of this page you will be taken to the "gate" for that tab (for example, the "Intercessors" tab will take you to a "gate" that says "Intercessory Prayer," and that has links to pages related to prayer.). Once you're there, just choose the actual page you want to visit. That's all there is.

Start wherever you want, and stay as long as you want!

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