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This blessed me ... I pray it will bless you, too!

Wintley Phipps - It Is Well With My Soul (From Bill Gloria Gaither Live) from emimusic on GodTube.

Francis Chan: "What if I said, "Stop praying?" What if I told you to stop talking at God for a while? To instead take a long, hard look at Him before you speak another word? " Read more, here!

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let's not just be a people who prays when there is a crisis ... let us be a people who pray!

Intercessory Prayer

I am not nearly as diligent abbout prayer as i should be. I admit it. I am a bishop and I admit that I don't aalways think about praying ...

Until I want something from God!

Until I need Him, and then I'm all on my knees, prostrate, on my face, knocking at the door of the Holy of Holies!!!

But I have prayed ...

And the one fundamental truth I can attest to is that our God ANSWERS prayers! Not always on our timetable ... not always in the way we'd expected Him to answer ... and certainly not always in the affirmative.


When I worked in the auto industry they taught us about "benchmarking." Benchmarking is a business strategy whereby companies analyze the "best practices" of the best companies (in any business or industry), and then find ways to incorporate thise best practices into their own business model.

Deciding how to implement this prayer ministry also called for some benchmarking. You should not be surprised that the first thing I did was to look at the Ministry of (Emeritus)Pastor David Y. Cho, at Yoido. I first became aware of Dr. Cho in the early 1980s, when I was still at my home church, in Florida. I later read his book, "Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner," and it was here that I learned about Osanri Choi-Jashil Prayer and Fasting Mountain.

According to Wikipedia:

"The Prayer Mountain Movement in Korea sprang from a practice of the pioneering Christians during the latter days of the Korean church in the 19th century. Faced with strong opposition from the home religions and philosophies, i.e. Buddhism and Confucianism, as well as the mandatory practice of Shinto imposed by the invading forces from Japan, many Christians who resisted these impositions on their freedom of worship were persecuted and even killed. In desperation, the Christians who could not practice their faith openly adopted the practice of waking up as early as four in the morning to ascend the nearby mountains where they could freely pray until the first ray of sunrise. At the end of the day, before going home, the Christians would again ascend the mountains to pray and fast and ask God to intervene on their behalf."

The Choi Ja-Sil Prayer Mountain facility can accommodate 10,000 guests per day. With available western as well as Korean-style accomodations, the facility is open not only to Korean Christians but to other Christians from all parts of the world who wish to come and visit.

Rhoda's House Intercesory Prayer Ministry

Over the years I've envisioned a Ministry where Sainys would be engaged in Intercessory Prayer 24 hours a day; where — in the absence of a mountain — people could find a time and place to go for strategic prayer.

I want to infect Cyberspace with "Strategic Prayer Warfare." To understand what I mean by "Strtegic Prayer Warfare," visit the page for the Rhoda's House Intercessory Prayer Ministry.

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