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Over the years I have constantly collected information that will help me and my fellow-ministers to study and prepare to dliver the Word of God. In the section of this website called "TheStudy," I have included several pages of links to all sorts of study helps. But don't take my word for it; click on "TheStudy," above the pictures on the left side of this page.

Bible Study Tools

Many years ago the folks at Blue Letter Bible created a trio of free tools that could be used to search the Bible. This AMAZING website includes tools to search by keyword, or by Bible verse; or by Strong's Concordance numbers. Each verse has sub-links for commentaries, edited Bible studies, hymns, and other helpful supplements. Today, BLB is linked to BibleStudyTools, and Crosswalk; but you can still use the original tools, as well. Just click on the "Bible Search Tools" tab in the header at the top of this page.

Nanchang Ministers Institute

By the time I'd spent a quarter of a century in Ministry I realized that my burden to "give back" to younger Ministers was growing stronger and stronger. In Detroit, we started Detroit Ministers Institute, in 2001, and started preparing men and women for ordination.

We wrote "The Apostolic Priesthood," and later "Affirmations of Apostolic Protocol," with the thought of impressing the sacred nature of our Ministry." We supplemented these mauals with courseware from the NET Bible Institute, and Blue Letter Bible Ibstitute; covering basic Apologetics (Along with "Case Studies" for second-year Apologetics students**), Doctrine and Christology.

Ministers prepared at the Institute for two years, and then were required to spend one year in Practical Ministry, under the guidance of their Senior Pastor. At the end of three years they could be recommended for ordination.

**In second-year Apologetics classes, each student selected a specific case arguing for a position from from Lee Strobels The Case for Christ; and a second case arguing in defense of the faith, against objections raised by a panel of renowned Atheists.

In China, we were able to provide a compressed version of this ministry training, via Nanchang Ministers Institute. The DMI/NMI Courseware is available here.

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