The Adjutant’s Manual

ADJCoverImageThe Adjutant’s Manual is written for the sacred garrison of anointed men and women of God assigned to protect and to serve the leadership of Body of Christ. There are many general references that offer explanations and advice on what Adjutants should do, and how to be an Adjutant; in fact the magnum opus of our craft is found in a book called God’s Armorbearer, by Elder Terry Nance.

The purpose of this Manual is to summarize some of those common elements; but more importantly, the purpose of this Manual is to add another layer to our understanding the role of the Adjutancy in avancing the interests of the ministry, so that when people see you they will recognize that you belong to the elite among Adjutants: “You have been trained by the best; and you have been trained to be the best!” (Detailed Summary:

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